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Woman Worship 2 Dean Jéan-Pierre

Woman Worship 2

Dean Jéan-Pierre

206 pages
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 About the Book 

The poetry of Woman Worship 2 will speak to your soul, as if having an intimate conversation with yourself as you go through your daily life. All of us have private thoughts about how we view ourselves—our fears, the way we love, the world around us, and our insecurities. As you travel through the pages of Woman Worship 2, you will hear your voice in prose as it resonates in your soul. That voice will sometimes be angry, at other times disillusioned or hopeful, but in the end love is the thread that binds us to our humanity, the essence of who we are as people. When you have reached the end of this intimate conversation, like life, I hope you find moments to treasure, poetry that spoke to your spirit, and share with others.